“What’s Poppin!” Wednesday

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LisaRaye is getting back to her roots…she’s starring in a new movie…as a skripper

Speaking of new movies…when Pac was in the bing…he was working on a screenplay…and it’s about to be turned into a new movie called Live 2 Tell…he had originally planned to star in the movie…before his untimely death…but now his mom is gonna help produce the film

Despite everyone’s opinion of Willow Smith’s hair…mama Jada wants you to know…she allows Willow to use her hair and fashion as a means of expression…cuz her beauty, value and worth are not measured by the length of her hair

When R. Kelly first droped Trapped in the Closet…I thought it was genius…than I saw the DVD…and thought he took it a little too far…well now he’s trying to turn it into a Broadway play

Last night Nicki was out in NYC trying to get into her own album release party…but she and her 25 closest friends couldn’t get in…cuz the fire marshals said the club was at capacity…so she was nicely turned away

Speaking of Nicki…early today…she was all pink everything…at the launch and signing of her new fragrance…Pink Friday

Let the ratchetness begin…so you know big booty Tahiry and Joe Buddens were added to LAHH NY…well she went on a Twitter rant…about how the only reason he’s even relevant is cuz of her…and how is it that according to Joe…she’s not over him…but he’s the one making mix tapes about her…she might have a point

I’m Deja Perez and that’s “What’s Poppin!” 

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