Monday night VH1 aired the premiere of their new show Chrissy and Mr. Jones, a spin-off from the original Love and Hip Hop. At the end of Love and Hip Hop Chrissy finally received what she had been begging, crying, and pleading for -a proposal.

Now that she has it, most assumed this new show Chrissy and Mr. Jones would revolve around them planing their marriage, but for some reason Chrissy Lampkin is showing signs of “cold feet ” in Episode one.

So is Chrissy Lampkin over her “Love Jones,” if so WHY after all she went thru to get the proposal? Thanks to Hot 107.9 ‘s own Q Deezy We don’t have to wait for the answer. Listen as they discuss what is really going on in Chrissy’s head! And will her and Jim Jones finally get married?



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