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Let’s see 2012 has not been so flattering to the Washington Wizards as of yet! They are the only team in the NBA who hasn’t won a game in this shorten season. The DMV is hungry for a team that will compete for championships but at this rate the Wizards can’t even compete for a YMCA championship. This team lacks discipline, chemistry and heart to name a few. There is no true leader on this team. Second-year player John Wall has not grabbed those reins as of yet. Wall is a good player but he is no Derek Rose let’s be for real here. Not to say he can’t get there but at this stage he doesn’t posses those intangibles.

Maturity is also a major factor for this Wizards team. Who is to blame for this? Management? Coaching? Players? Answer: All of the above! The Wizards look like the Bad News Bears out there playing ball. The outcry from the fans looking for a team that competes as been on the tongues of many for years. Many thought with this lock-out shortened seasoned that the team would show more…well, that isn’t the case at this point. Seven games in and the players already had a players only meeting. Andray Blatche is going off on Twitter about him needing the ball in the post and how he’s the Captain of the team…yawn! Rashard Lewis is getting paid $21 million for what? At least there is a bright spot to this disaster of a team and that’s JaVale McGee isn’t trying go coast-to-coast and dunk from the free-throw line! You see there is hope! Let’s see if the Wizards get that first win today against the woeful Minnesota Timberwolves.