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Our 1st Lady is 48 and fabulous today!

In other presidential news…you know you’ve made it when President Obama gives you the seal of approval…apparently he is a huge Janelle Monae fan

Malik from “The Game” is all about recycling…he’s now dating his ex boo from 9 years ago

I wouldn’t lend any credit to the rumor that E-V-E has a random illigetimate bi-racial baby…which she left with the daddy…it just sounds to crazy to believe

I told you a while back that Brandy and Monica were working on a collabo…expect that their “It All Belongs To Me” single to drop next month

Deelishis from “Flavor Of Love 2” is trying to get her new reality show picked up…its called “Motor City Wives”

You know Diggy is coming to town…well his poor brother JoJo cannot seem to seem to get away from the tranny news…apparently the alleged tranney hit up twitter to spill the beans

Taye Diggs claims that he wasn’t always so comfortable in his skin…he recently wrote a book called ‘Chocolate Me!’ when he uses past personal experiences to teach kids to be happy just the way

I told you about D-Wade’s uber fab 30th b-day over the weekend…I heard he not only got a brand new 2012 McLaren MP4-12C

But the best present was his 91 year-old grandma took a plane for the first time to come see him for his b-day brunch

Yesterday I told you about Diddy and Cameron Diaz trying to sneak out of the Golden Globes…well rumor is that Diddy was none to thrilled when he saw her yappin it up with another dude…he walked over…grabbed her hand and said… “Let’s go”

Tyga has been banned from a club in San Diego…apparently he was a no show for his performance…and when the 1200 people in the crowd found out he wasn’t coming…the patrons went H.A.M and the cops had to be called because it pretty much incited a mob of 1,200 people.

So last week I told you that this Australian model was the voice behind… Maybach Music…well she hasn’t been paid for it…but in all fairness to Rosay…when Jessica initially lent her voice…she had no idea how huge it would be and is now trying to get a check for it

I’m so not trying to start nothing…but if a man cheats on his wife with you…chances are he may cheat on you…I’m just saying…anywho…I’m hearing that Fantasia’s baby daddy Antwaun was not only creaping on his wife with Fanny…but apparently he may have been creapin on Fanny too

Supposedly Beyonce has given her first post baby interview…although there are rumors that it may be a fake…but according to the alleged interview…Bey gushes about being a new mom…that Jay will be on diaper duty…and she may be having a hard time adjusting to breastfeeding

I’m Deja Perez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”

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