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One woman, 15 children, 5 baby fathers and a fiance in jail this is the life of 36 year old Angel Adams.

Angel became homeless after her landlord evicted her and 12 of her children out of their apartment. The Tampa, Florida mom says the government failed her. She claims “Somebody needs to pay for all my children!, and me and Gary (her Fiance) for all our suffering and pain! somebody needs to be held accountable!”

The Dept. of Children and Family Services were paying for her rent, food and furniture but Angel says it wasn’t enough. Angel went to court to request more assistance but ended up being jailed for contempt of court all because she refused to answer the judges question about whether or not she was pregnant. The children has since been in the custody of the state. Although Angel is now released from prison the court has yet to release them into her custody because they feel as if  Angel is not willing to make any changes or listen to anybody that’s willing to help her.

What do you think? Do you think that somebody, anybody else should be held accountable for Angels situation?

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