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Michelle Obama says that she has been enjoying watching President Obama squirm over the fact that his first daughter Malia is starting to date. Although Malia is only 13,  and I’m sure the “dating” isn’t that serious, it’s still quite funny to see how the couple is reacting to it.

Bossip.com reports

“The morning after First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on “The Tonight Show,” she headed to the daytime TV circuit for a sit-down interview with “Rachael Ray” (weekdays on ABC). After the ladies discussed healthy cooking, the conversation turned to parenting, and Ray asked if 13-year-old Malia is currently allowed to date.

Obama declined to give Ray an answer, citing her daughter’s privacy. “You know Rachael, one thing I’ve learned is that a 13-year-old wants nothing more than to not have her mother talk about her personal life on national TV. It’s like, ‘You said what?’”

Unfazed, Ray plowed ahead, asking who would be the tougher parent for a potential suitor to please, when that time comes. “Barack pretends like he’s going to handle this so well when it happens … but it’s going to be fun to watch. It’s already fun to see him squirming when she puts on a dress and she’s got her hair down, and he’s trying to pretend like it’s cool, but he’s freaking out a little bit,” she answered, chuckling.

Obama may have been referencing President Obama’s August interview with “Good Morning America,” when he told Robin Roberts that when his daughters got old enough to date, “I might invite [her date] over to the Oval Office, ask him for his GPA, find out what his intentions are in terms of career. Malia and Sasha, if you’re watching this, I’m just joking.”