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Lil Kim was recently the guest on Bravo TV’s show “Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen.” The show features a segment called ‘Plead the Fifth’ where the guest is only allowed to plead the fifth once. I guess Kim used her one time early because the rest of the time was spent going in on Nicki Minaj.

Lil’ Kim first referred to Minaj as “Fire Marshall Bill,” the Jim Carrey character on In Living Color, a shot at Nicki’s exaggerated facial expressions and voice in some songs and videos. She mentioned this by answering a question that was posed about who she felt was the most overrated artist of today. (Via HipHopDx)

Kim also calls Nicki a stupid hoe, in response to her song of the same name. In my opinion, this beef is getting to be kind of pointless. Although Lil Kim is a vet in the game, Nicki is the one who is performing on the Grammy’s, releasing albums and staying relevant, so the question must be asked: Where are we going with this?

Do y’all think Lil Kim is being a hater or do you agree with her?

Check out the video of Lil Kim’s segment:

(Via HipHopDX)

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