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Charles Barkley is the latest to drop 27lbs…courtesy of Weight Watchers

Chadwick Boseman from Lincoln Heights…he’s been blessed with the honor to play Jackie Robinson in a new movie

Anthony Hamilton’s CD dropped today

Mystikal is the newest member added to the Cash Money roster

Rumor is floating around that Kim Kardashian’s soon to be ex Kris had chicks all up in their hotel suite…and he forgot to take their phones…cuz they sure had pics of them in Kim’s closet…sitting on her bed…now I’m not saying that he hit…but it seems suspect to me

Meanwhile Kimmy is getting her do good on…she and mama Kris are in Haiti working with the We Advance charity group…they are supporting the health, safety and well being of women throughout Haiti…which is SUCH a good look!

Yesterday I told you about Chris Tucker owing Uncle Sam about $11.5M…so it’s not all that surprising that he has signed on to be in the new Friday movie

When will they learn…some misunderstood a Rihanna tweet…and started talking reckless on Twitter…even went so far as to make a reference to her incident with Chris Breezy…needless to say Rihanna went off on ol’ girl

Gabrielle Union will be hosting this years BET Honors…Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey are just a few that will be recognized

All day everyone has been buzzing that Fantasia welcomed her son into the world yesterday…apparently it was a little more like Braxton hicks…cuz the baby is still chillin in the womb

NeNe Leakes is celebrating her 43rd birthday tweeting pics of her elaborate gifts…like the Cork Louboutins (I can’t front…they’re uber cute!)

Back in June…Flo Rida got popped for pushin his Bu coupe…while heavily under the influence…well instead of jail time…he’s going to take a few classes on substance abuse…and get a little counseling and do community service between drug tests

I’m Deja Perez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”