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New Orleans rapper Juvenile has been embroiled in a child support dispute with one of his baby mommas. the formerCash Money artist may have just found out some news that could blow the case wide open. The 13 year-old boy that’s at the center of the dispute may not be Juve’s biological son. According to new court documents, Juvenile wants a DNA test to see if the teen is actually his son.

An arrest warrant was issued for Juvenile back in February once he fell behind on child support payments. Though he was in the hole for $160,000, the rapper claimed he was a good father and that his son was in his care most of the time. Now, Juve’s story has changed saying in court documents he never established paternity and never even signed the birth certificate. He also alleges he recently found out his baby momma was sleeping with other men and that he was “fraudulently induced” into a variety of child support agreements.

If word comes back that Juvenile isn’t the teenager’s father, he wants all previous rulings against him dismissed and he wants to be reimbursed for all of the money he spent on the young boy.


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