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Horoscopes April 13th – April 21st.

The main event this week is the direct movement of Mars! Mars has been in retrograde (Rx) motion since the beginning of this year, and the effects have made life completely sluggish for us all. A retrograde planet gives the illusion of moving backwards around the Sun, and whenever this happens, life seems to slow down and we experience much in the way of blocks, delays, inactivity, misunderstandings and misinformation; it’s not a fun time! Thankfully, Mars will begin to move forward again today, Friday – April 13th. Here’s the low down on what this means for your sign:

Aries: Of all the signs in the Zodiac, yours has probably had the toughest time dealing with warrior planet Mars moving backwards in the sky. Mars is your ruler in Astrology, and action oriented. But when this planet is retrograde, it becomes almost impossible for you to implement anything new. All this soon ends; Mars stations forward today and it’ll be all systems go by next week, especially with regards to any health and fitness routines you’ve been trying to get off the ground.

Taurus: For certain Taurus, these past few weeks have seen you off your game. You are usually quite the charmer, pulling in all sorts of admirers. But Mars’ backward motion above may have put a damper on your plans for romance, and has made you work harder at being more creative in all your relationships. The fog should clear up for good in the coming week! You’ll be back to your playful self, and this time with the added confidence to attain whatever or whoever it is you want!

Gemini: Issues related to home and family may have been somewhat draining for you over the past few weeks, and the planet Mars is totally to blame. The retrograde activity above has had you seriously reconsidering a few family matters, and I’m happy to say that much will be resolved, and soon. Look toward a marked shift this coming week, when clarity prevails in any domestic misunderstanding. You’ll even be able to actually enjoy any time spent with loved ones.

Cancer: I’m sure you’ve just about had it with having to repeat yourself and revisit conversations from the past. But Mars’ retrograde activity has forced you to retrace a lot of steps in your communication, especially with regards to your manner of speech. Cancers have been more aggressive with getting their points across lately, and it’s been noticeable! Now that you know to tone down your tone, you will be better able to speak with clarity avoiding all sorts of misunderstandings.

Leo: Your money has been funny over these past few months, Leo. If you’re self employed, your income has been slowly generating (if at all). If you are a part of a business, you’ve probably been looking for ways to innovate and bring in more revenue. You may have even been in talks or negotiations regarding payments and monies owed. Well by next week, much of this will be resolved. You’ll be living large again (or at least within reason) with a steady cash inflow.

Virgo: Mars has been toying with your self esteem, Virgo. Think back to around the end of last year, and you’ll recall the abundance of energy you had at your disposal. Nowadays, however, it seems you’ve been feeling less sure of yourself due to Mars’ retrograde, and lacking in confidence. By next week, feelings of uncertainty will end. You will be recharged and ready to tackle anything and anyone that gets in your way.

Libra: For a while now, you’ve been doing some serious work on your inner self. You’ve had to deal with a lot of your own demons – those stemming from the subconscious parts of your mind. Since Mars has been retrograde, you’ve had to come face to face with all your emotional baggage that had been repressed. Today marks the day that the veil is lifted and you will feel much more aware of all that goes on beneath your surface. Finally! What a liberating feeling, Libra.

Scorpio: Since the end of last year, you’ve made several new friends and contacts. But lately, you have lost touch with many of them, and haven’t been able to keep up with social activities. I’m happy to report that this all ends starting next week. Your social calendar is about to pick up and you may find yourself scheduling more happy hours or hitting up the gym with your workout buddies! Whatever the case may be, you’ll be happy to reunite with friends old and new.

Sagittarius: Your career and working life hasn’t been all that exciting, Sadge. You’ve probably been more focused on finding ways to experience joy in your everyday life, than buckling down at your 9 to 5. As Mars stations direct today, you will be able to find a happy medium. If you’re looking for a new job or attempting to revamp the old, you will definitely find creative ways to do whatever it is you love, and do it in a way that brings meaning and fulfillment.

Capricorn: You’ve been rethinking a lot of your own personal philosophies and beliefs, and now that Mars is moving forward, many of those life probing questions will soon be answered. This existential review has been rather intense and you’ve had to do some serious soul searching in order to gain clarity. Truth is; you were in need of this cosmic time out, and soon Capricorn, you will have found a more solid footing in all that is true for you in your life.

Aquarius: I bet you’ve been re-figuring a few joint ventures and shared resources that you have with others. Whether you are entering a new business alliance, or buying a new home with your spouse or partner, financial planning has been at the top of your list of priorities. Thankfully, all this money talk will soon end, and you’ll be able to move forward with a firmer financial strategy that proves to be beneficial for all parties involved.

Pisces: No doubt – you have experienced a lot of activity on the relationship front, Pisces. In fact, you’ve been so busy trying to appease the important others in your life, that you’ve done so at your own expense. With so much energy surrounding significant others, it’s been difficult for you to tend to your own well being. Thankfully after today, you’ll soon be able to find a better balance, and those close loved ones will have to be more aware of your needs.

About Astrologer Tracey Rogers

Our resident Astrologer Tracey Rogers has been studying Astrology for over a decade. She is well versed in the roles and functions of the celestial bodies that make up our Solar System, as well as those of the Zodiac signs they represent. With extensive knowledge of Western teachings and practices, Tracey believes that Astrology offers invaluable insight into the depths of one’s character and personality, endowing us with an acute self awareness that leads to practical guidance for everyday living. Tracey conducts a variety of workshops every month, with topics such as ‘Create Your Own Horoscope’ and ‘Dating Right for your AstroType.’ She has also been featured as a guest blogger for The Still Point and sasstrlology.com

A true café astrologer, Tracey is available for personal readings, and is flexible with public meeting locations. She also holds regular practice hours every Saturday at Manifest Joy in Takoma Park, MD. To book a reading in Takoma Park, send an inquiry to tracey@manifest-joy.com.

For more information, visit Tracey’s official website at www.randomnessofrudy.com.

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