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The heat has finally become too much for Tami Roman to stay in the virtual kitchen.

Roman deleted her twitter account recently. After the airing of Basketball Wives where Tami Roman was blatantly bullying Kesha Nichols, fans began attacking Roman via twitter for her behavior. Roman was weathering the hate storm as she always does until Basketball Wives viewers started attacking her children. Once people started throwing shots at her daughters, Roman had had enough and deleted her account.

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Nobody knows if she’ll return to the social networking site, but if she reactivates her account within thirty days, she will retain all of her followers. If she decides to rejoin the twitterverse after said thirty days, she will have lost a chunk of her followers. Isn’t it funny how people act crazy on television and then want to get all upset when they get called out for their behavior?


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Tami Roman Gets Run Off Twitter  was originally published on theurbandaily.com