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R&B singer Brandy is your favorite R&B singer’s favorite R&B singer. She is also very outspoken on the state of R&B music. She feels R&B singers need to bring R&B back and abandon the Euro-dance vibe they have going on.

Recently, Brandy gave an interview with Kempire Radio where she expressed her desire to have R&B come back into the mainstream like it once was. “I just think the artists who know how to do R&B need to do more R&B,” the singer said.  “That’s all it is. It’s going to take all the people that can actually do it that are out there, and hot right now, to do more R&B.”

Brandy didn’t throw the whole genre under the bus, she did name a few artists she felt was doing their respective parts to keep R&B out there. “I think Trey Songz is holding it down. Kelly Rowland is holding it down. I think Monica is holding it down on her end. I think it takes all of us to keep doing it until it comes back,” Brandy said.

Besides talking about the state of R&B, Brandy said she hoped she got the chance to perform at the 2012 BET Awards. She hasn’t been asked to perform, but she wants her fans to pray about it. Brandy also wants fans to tweet BET executive Stephen G. Hill and petition him to get Brandy on the BET stage.

As of right now, the praying and tweeting hasn’t done anything, but we will see if Brandy performs at the BET Awards when they air live on July 1st.


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