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toshow_seasonTerrell Owens was once a great NFL player. He holds numerous records including being the only player in history to score a receiving touchdown against all 32 NFL teams.

He has since fallen from grace and just when you think things may be looking up for the star, something else happens! After failing to revive his career in the National Football League, Owens turned to an indoor arena. He played for the the Allen Wranglers, but was quickly given the boot because of his attitude. Ironically enough, Terrell holds 50% stake in the team.

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There is a bitter battle going on between he and the Wranglers. He issued them an ultimatum, but according to TMZ, they are refusing to pay him anything! Owens wanted to be paid $160,000 for the games he played and wasn’t paid for and seeks an apology.

Wranglers owner Jon Frankel accused Owens of blowing off four additional team events …something T.O. vigorously denies, reports TMZ.

T.O. needs to go back to Mo and Kita!

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