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Travis Glaspie bit a police dog’s ear after being chased down by police in North Carolina, television station WECT 6 reports.

Wilmington Police Department (WPD) police officers were trying to apprehend Glaspie for outstanding warrants. When they saw him, he ran. Police dog, Maxx, ran after Glaspie and caught him. The two struggled and that is when Glaspie bit the dog’s ear.

WPD spokesperson Lucy Crockett said Maxx needed several stitches after being bitten by Glaspie.

“As far as someone trying to cannibalize a dog…I’ve never seen that before,” said Wilmington Police Cpl. David Pellegrino, Maxx’s leader and companion.

But Glaspie says accounts of him biting the dog’s ear off have been exaggerated. He said he wasn’t aware that the dog behind him until he felt his leg being bitten.

“I just, I didn’t know what it was,” said Glaspie. “They say I bit his ear off. I don’t think I did that.”

He didn’t. But Glaspie certainly took a nice nip off of the poor animal’s ear. His bite split the dog’s ear in two. However, Maxx is expected to make a full recovery and is ready to fight crime once again.

As for Glaspie, he is in jail on $1.25 million bond and faces a number of charges, including assaulting Maxx.

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