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Since Frank Ocean has come out and revealed that he is a bisexual man, celebs have shown their support by saying kind things and thanking him for being strong enough to admit such a secret.

On the flip side, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” rap star Lil Scrappy, had this to say about the whole thing:

“I’m glad that he came out so all the real women that love to mess with real men, straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down, you feel me?,” said Lil Scrappy. “[homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically.” –TMZ

It seems like Lil Scrappy is referring to the “down low” (the subculture of men who engage in sexual acts with other men but do not make it public knowledge, then sleep with women) and how some gay men carry the disease and spread it to women who do not know they are one: gay, or two: infected.

This situation has been spoken on before, so why is it such blasphemy when Scrappy says it? Clearly, gay men are not the the only people with AIDS. The immune system disease does not discriminate. Gay men are not the scapegoats for blame either. But, a CDC study suggested that down-low men are a “significant bridge for HIV to women.

Scrappy’s quote came across as insensitive, homophobic and ignorant but is what he was saying so far-fetched?

“The finding that more than one in three nondisclosers reported having recent female sex partners suggests that nondisclosing MSM might have an important role in HIV/STD transmission to women,” reported the CDC.

Keith Boykin, author of Beyond the Down Low, denies this connection. Scrappy released another statement via Twitter, to clarify his first, saying:

“I don’t have a problem wit gays I just don’t do it an I also said scientifically because its proven,we was talkin bout 1 thing not other gates,” he said.

“Ok y’all just took the tmz sh*t wrong cus I was def not sayin that’s the only way u can get hiv I mean come on yall just wanna find a reason. And I respect all y’all comments good or bad that’s just ur opinion,thanks for even giving a f**k. Ya feel me.”

So we ask you, our readers, how do you all feel about his quote?

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