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Azealia banks with a forkAzealia Banks and Nicki Minaj have a lot in common. On paper, the rapstresses should get along famously. They grew up in New York City, attended the same school and Lil’ Kim leaves a sour taste in each of their mouths. But the Banks and Minaj are not friends at all.

Early on this year, Banks may have put her foot in her mouth during a VIBE interview, saying:

I think a lot of the things she started doing with her look were distracting.

I think she’s talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes.

Minaj kept it cute until the summer and when she was interviewed after her Summer Jam 2012 performance, she didn’t even acknowledge her new nemesis. Minaj claimed to be “the only woman on the bill,” even though Banks performed a few hours before her. Banks’ fan base (The K*ntz) wasn’t having it! They came for Nicki, but Banks didn’t need her fans to speak for her, she could do it all herself!

Earlier this week, Banks thought that she had been invited to be a part of Nicki’s Pink Friday World Tour (despite their quiet drama) and tweeted:

However, Nicki shut that down quick with her response by tweeting:

The Twitter Beef doesn’t end there. Banks hopped back on her computer to get the last word:

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At the very least, shouldn’t these two rapping chicks team up against Lil’ Kim and not one another?!

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