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Over the years, the Washington suburban county of Prince George’s in Maryland has long been infamous for its tales of police brutality – especially the violence enacted upon Black residents. Factor in the often unreported incidents in several city-led police forces and the charges become staggering. The latest controversy involving Maryland police took place in the city of Laurel over the weekend, and unlike most cases, this incident was caught in video.

Craig Reddix, a bystander who happened to be by the Laurel Station Bar & Grill early Sunday morning, saw two men sitting on the curb in cuffs, after police responded to a fight at the nightclub. As one man was being taken away in restraints, Reddix, using his cell phone video camera, recorded one of the officers striking the man in the head three times.

Due to the angle of the video, it isn’t clear if the officer used an open or closed fist, but Reddix told a local NBC television reporter that he was taken aback by what he witnessed:

“I ain’t trying to get in to Laurel’s business, I ain’t trying to get in that man’s business, I don’t want no problems with neither one of them,” said Reddix on WRC-4. “But that guy was in handcuffs [and] he didn’t deserve to get hit upside his head like that.”

Reddix was particularly angered by the incident stemming from a similar situation he experienced as a teenager while living in Biloxi, Miss. Although the officer in question was not identified, a spokesperson for the Laurel police department said that an internal investigation is underway.

Reddix closed his segment with the news station by praising the city of Laurel and its police force, but ended by saying, “There are some bad apples in every batch, please believe it.”

Watch the incident here:

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