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Is Mariah Carey so worried about Rihanna that she’s conspiring to stage an intervention on her behalf? According to Star magazine, the answer is yes, though I’d be remiss not to note that the tabloid is to accurate journalism as a number listed on a bathroom stall is the best way to find a spouse. If you didn’t catch the shade in that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Here’s the story, though (courtesy of Rhymes with Snitch):

“Mariah Carey was upset by rumors that Rihanna was reconnecting with Chris Brown.” Mariah, 43, had a horrible marriage to record exec Tommy Mottola and later endured a public breakdown. “She sees a lot of herself in Rihanna and wants to protect her,” the insider says. Mariah has been trying to convince Rihanna, 24, to chill out on the partying, going so far as to suggest RiRi move in with her and that they do a few songs together. “Rihanna says she’s thankful for the concern,” says the source. “But it’s going to take a lot more to tame her!”

This sounds like an amazing premise for an episode of “Got 2B Real.”

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