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Not even 2 months after having his baby, word on the curb is that Tyga is cheating on Blac Chyna!

via HipHopMorning

Everyone know that rappers are notorious for sleeping with escorts and groupie. HipHopMorning is getting news from other websites saying that Tyga made a mistake and tweeted a picture of one of his side backpage hoes instead of tweeted a picture of him and The Game with Jimmey Kimmel. We thought it was a rumor but these websites proof. They also have a link to the girl ad on backpage (here). Verifying the facts, we notice that Tyga is in Los Angeles and the BP hoe’s ad is in Los Angeles too. We took a step further and check the time Tyga tweeted the picture and notice that the mistake happened at 9:31PM and the correction happened at 9:34PM. SMH Blac Chyna just tell Tyga to make sure he uses protection.

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