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Seems like Mitt Romney’s gracious concession speech after losing the election to President Barack Obama was disingenuous. Romney insinuated that Obama bought another four years in office. ”The president’s campaign, if you will, focused on giving targeted groups a big gift,” Romney said in a call to donors on Wednesday (11/14). “He made a big effort on small things.” Now I’m not sure in what capacity Mr. Romney was speaking about because I certainly did not receive any gifts, but his comments have alienated some representatives of his own party.

“I don’t think it’s helpful,” Iowa govenor Terry Branstad said of Romney’s antics. “I guess my feeling is that we need to  turn the page, and we need to focus on the future and not make excuses for the  past.” Other GOP leaders like Senator Marco Rubio of Florida distanced himself from Romney by saying he believed there were not millions of people who did not want to work but simply need the government because they are unable to find work.

Romney has yet to clarify his statement maybe because he is not running for president anymore and this is how he really feels. Funny thing is Romney consistently made statements like this throughout his campaign and no one cried foul before. Of course the “47 percent” comments dismissing half of Americans, lack of support for the auto industry bailout, flipflopping on abortion and gun control issues, and focusing on the economy despite the clear improvement in unemployment numbers had nothing to do with why he lost.

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