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Rapper Joe Budden has been known is probably one of the most emo rappers in the game. Budden had a female concertgoer removed from an Oakland, California venue because she said the venue was empty.

The young lady named Paige kicked the whole incident off when she posted a picture of an damn near empty club with the caption, “I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this Joe Budden concert.” After researching her earlier tweets, you can clearly see she wasn’t exactly excited for this Joe Budden concert. She went to hang out with her boyfriend.

Paige continued with her Budden disses when she tweeted a picture of NoDoz claiming it was for the people at the concert. Going by Paige’s version of events, security at the venue found her using her Twitter photo. Once security confirmed Paige’s identity, she was told Joe Budden wouldn’t start his show until she left.

Paige recounted the whole incident on her timeline. She tweeted, “So we are upstairs at VIP [and the] security asks me if I’m Paige. I said, ‘yes.’ And they say ‘Joe Budden wants you out. I feel flattered though, they said they showed my twitter picture and found me in the club.”

While most have said Joe Budden was acting wildly sensitive, others have defended his actions. What do you think was the best way to handle a fan dissing your concert?


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Joe Budden Kicks Fan Out Of Concert For Negative Tweet  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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