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 This story is far too common as of late. Yet another teenager has been bullied online, tricked into believing that she is not worth anything to this world. We must stop the internet bullying, it’s imperative.

This beautiful young lady Jessica Laney, 16, of Hudson, FLA was a very popular soccer player by day but by night she was battling a fight that many teens have been fighting since the growth of social media in recent years – Internet bullying.

Apparently she used TUMBLR and other Social mediums where others can make anonymous comments about you, most being not so pretty and to a young mind, it could be a tough pill to swallow. Peep the RadarOnline article

Via RadarOnline reports:

The student at Fivay High School bantered with other users on the site under the name Jessica Marieee1, and while many posts were about boys, songs and make-up, some took on a much more sinister tone, calling her fat and a loser.

One visitor asked her, “Can you kill yourself already?” and another commented “nobody even cares about you.”

While many of her real friends believe that the taunts from Internet trolls are to blame for Jessica’s death by hanging, an official from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says neither Laney’s parents nor Laney’s boyfriend were aware of any bullying in her life.

“Our thoughts and prayers go to the Jessica Marie Laney’s family as they deal with their loss. (Pasco County Sheriff’s Office) is not aware of any formal complaint to the Pasco School District or PSO about her being bullied,” said Doug Tobin, Public Information Officer for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

However, some telling online comments from Jessica herself on hint at deep rifts in her home-life and trouble with her family. “I miss so many people, but honestly I miss my brother, not the person he is now, but the one he use to be,” she wrote two days before her death. “I know he doesn’t miss me, but it still hurts to know he will never come back and more than likely never talk to me again.”

Many of Jessica’s friends are now campaigning to have the controversial website taken down and have launched a petition on, that has already garnered thousands of signatures.

“After I saw that, I thought they should just delete the website. Nobody should have that, to have people say stuff like that on there,” said school pal Laney Torres.


If you can’t see the importance of online regulations against bullying, then I don’t know what else can change your mind. A lot of our youth are online being torn down by hateful words from other users. Most institutions have minor protection against internet bullying but truthfully it begins with the parents & elders. We must tell our children the importance of watching what you say to someone. We must learn how to talk to others and carry ourselves in a manor that cannot be considered bullying as well, just to be a good example for the youth. At our age, our minds and egos can take a little beating but when youth try to mimic that, their young minds and personalities are not ready or stable enough to take bullying with a grain of salt.

I promise I’m going to find a way to help end the internet bullying movement!

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