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Basketball Wives :LA had the part two of their reunion Monday night.  Um…in my opinion, part one was better, but here are some highlights just in case you missed it.

Part one of the BBWLA  season two reunion ended with returning host John Salley asking the cast, who they felt should not return for another season.  To make the question interesting, the cast used cue cards that had their other cast mate’s name on them.  Needless to say, Gloria and Laura received the most votes.  The audience also gave their opinion by hand clap, and Laura and Gloria was an unanimous answer with them as well.

(I wonder if the show’s producers will take these votes into consideration!?)

The reunion did something new this go round, by having blog contributors ask the cast a few questions.  One interesting question that came from a writer was, who would the ladies take from their show and move to Miami, and who they would have from Miami come to LA.  Laura and Jackie both wanted to remove themselves and put Evelyn Lozada in their place.  Newcomer Brooke wanted Tami Roman, while Draya and Malaysia thought Jennifer Williams would be a perfect fit for the west coast ladies.

(These were interesting trades, but don’t hold your breath)

More apologies were given in the second portion of the reunion.  The drama between Laura and Jackie was big on the show, and Laura FINALLY tossed her “plan” and apologized to Jackie.  I am pretty sure everyone was relieved that that drama was over!  (I was getting annoyed with it myself).  Bambi and Gloria didn’t reconcile, but I don’t think anyone was looking for that to happen.  Bambi did make it a point to have more speaking time on part two; guess she’s trying to stay on the cast roster.

All in all, part two of the ‘Basketball Wives LA Reunion’ was okay. Old problems were resolved, and some friendships were mended.  Now that Basketball Wives LA is over, we will all be waiting for the next reality show to hit our television screens.

‘Love and Hip Hop : New York is up next.  Will you be tuning in!?



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