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Is Kim Kardashian pregnant?

From HotHipHopDetroit.com – Just moments ago Kanye West announced onstage at his 3rd final Revel Resort show in front of 5,5000 fans that he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are HAVING A BABY!

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Details: As Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner sat in their VIP seats, Kanye sang the famous Jodeci line, “So you’re having my baby….” twice to Kim in the audience. As reported by Miss Info, Kim and her mom, Kris Jenner, reportedly burst into tears of joy.

Kris Jenner as well as the other Kardashian clan tweeted their excitement. See their tweets in the gallery below!

This will be the first child for both Kim, age 32, and Kanye, age 35.

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