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The voters have spoken, and there will be no Hall Of Fame entrance for Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, or Roger Clemens.

These three major league baseball players will not see the Baseball Hall of Fame, and their steroid use is all to blame.  Although the three players were phenomenal on the field, and their names on the ballot, the votes from the people left them just as that, nominees.

Roger Clemens, who pitched for four Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, (noticed for the New York Yankees) received 37.6 % of votes.  Barry Bonds, outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants got 36.2% of votes, and with the lowest percent (SMH) was Sammy Sosa, right fielder for five MLB teams (noticed for the Chicago Cubs) received a whopping 12.5% of votes.  (Sosa really got the short end of the stick).

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Craig Biggio came closest to election, getting 68.2% of the vote and falling 39 votes short. With 569 members of the Baseball Writers’ Assn. of America returning ballots, 427 votes were required to meet the 75% standard for election.

This is only the eighth time since 1936 that no player has been elected by the baseball writers.

Former Detroit Tigers ace Jack Morris was second in the balloting with 67.7%. Jeff Bagwell got 59.6%, followed by Mike Piazza at 57.8% and Tim Raines at 52.2%.”

Clemens, Bonds, and Sosa were all amazing players, but then again…they were on steroids.  The induction ceremony for The Baseball Hall of Fame, will be this summer on July 28th.  The only baseball players that will be honored are now angels in the outfield, being that they are now deceased.



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