This story is kind of funny for real!

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Before R&B songstress Alicia Keys went from mistress to main thing and went public with her love for her former ruff riding rapper/producer hubby Swizz Beatz, there was a mile-long line of guys thirstin’ after her soul-singing cakes.

Hollyweird man-candy Shemar Moore recently revealed that he was one of those guys.

While introducing Mrs. Thickums before she hit the stage to scream for her life  perform during last night’s 2013 People’s Choice Awards, Shemar recalled a time when he asked her out on a date when they first met 10 years ago…..and got shut all the way down.

“I was hosting Soul Train… I asked her out on a date and she looked me dead in the eye and she said this:

‘Look here, son, I respect your flirt game but my man situation is handled.’

“What are you supposed to say to that, because I had nothing at all. But I’m not mad, I will always be a fan.”


LOL… I cannot imagine Alicia doing that but hey, she is down for her man Swizzy!

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