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 Ok man, you have to know chill Tarantino! You MUST GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR CHILL BUDDY! 

I’m just playing… but he did ruffle some black feathers again at the Golden Globes… Peep heem! 

 Apparently there is a cold war brewing between these two heavyweight directors, Tarantino & Spike Lee — Tarantino was trying a little too hard to push Lee’s buttons at the  Golden Globes & well…. You have to read the outcome! 

E! News reports:


Less than a minute into his press conference backstage at the 70th Annual Golden Globes, the Django Unchained winner dropped the N-word. The usually bustling press room fell silent for a second; a reporter could be heard letting out a whistle, as in, “Oh, boy.”

The filmmaker’s choice language came as he fieldied a question about his controversial, slavery-era spaghetti Western. Tarantino was not apologizing.

Critics who think the N-word should not have been spoken by his 19th century characters, the mile-a-minute Tarantino argued, are “saying I should massage. They’re saying I should whitewash. They’re saying I should lie.”

Don Cheadle, a winner for House of Lies, who took the stage right after Tarantino, couldn’t resist picking up the thread.

“Please no [N-word] questions,” Cheadle told reporters. “Black people questions are all right.”

For the record, Cheadle said he hadn’t seen Django, but was looking forward to checking it out.

Well… He does have a point, the usage of my generation’s favorite word (N*****) was exhausted many times in Tarantino’s film, DJango but it was relevant for the time period in which the movie was set in. I mean, if the word wasn’t present in the film then it wouldn’t be realistic at all. As far as his usage in the aforementioned  (SAT Word +3 Points) setting, well he was just addressing the press. I’m not making excuses for the man but I’m just saying he probably is frustrated with the scrutiny of his work. He’s just fed up, what do you think? 


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