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I cringed posting this ratchetness on MLK Day but the story is quite worth it. You remember Shawty Lo making headlines recently for trying to get a reality show about juggling all of his baby mothers… Well that sir, that was vetoed quickly. Apparently he needed that reality TV money though, reports are coming in that Sir “LO” was arrested in Atlanta for failure to pay child support… Check this out! 

News One reports:

First Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo, real name Carlos Walker, was told that his controversial ‘Oxygen’ show, ‘All My Babies Mamas,’ was being cancelled; then he begged fans to sign a petition on asking the network to reconsider airing the show and now, according to various reports, the rapper has been arrested for failure to pay child support.

Shawty Lo even took it to twitter to brag about how quickly he was released from jail:

Most people opposed to the show questioned the rapper’s ability to take care of 11 children, but he continued to claim that he not only supports them financially, but emotionally, as well.

Hopefully, it’s not a child support issue; but whatever it is most certainly isn’t a good example for his children.

Not so fast! Looks like Shawty Lo was just pulling a PUBLICITY STUNT to gain attention for his failed reality show!


HipHopEnquirer reports:

After doing our own independent investigation into the matter and speaking with sources from Shawty Lo’s camp, we found out he was actually NOT ARRESTED due to failure of child support payment or anything for that matter.It all started when a picture surfaced on the internet Friday night of Shawty Lo being handcuffed by a City of Atlanta police officer.

HHE spoke exclusively with Shawty Lo’s manger, Johnie Cabbell who stated that the picture is just a scene from the video shoot of an upcoming single.While speaking to his manager was only part of our investigation, we examined the actual photo of his purported arrest and determined that the cop wearing the uniform had an “Atlanta Police” emblem on the shoulder.

All Atlanta police arrests falls in the County of Fulton. We contacted the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and verified Carlos Walker alias Rico didn’t have any arrests since 2010 and it was not for child support.

People do the craziest things to become relevant! 

Too bad his song still cranks though LOL “SHAWTY LO & THE BIG CATSSSSS BRING YOUR TOP HATS!!!”

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