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Chief Keef seems to have more legal trouble on his hands.  This time it’s dealing with a child!  Already serving time in a juvenile detention center, Keef may be back in court very soon.  A Chicago middle school girl, is suing Chief Keef for child support!  Yes, a MIDDLE SCHOOL girl is SUING the 17 year old rapper for CHILD SUPPORT!

Allegedly, Chief Keef has a two year old daughter, with the filer of the petition.  The petition for child support against Chief Keef was filed in his hometown of Chicago.  He supposedly fathered the daughter of the young woman back in 2011.  Here is what TMZ reports :

“The girl’s exact age is unclear, but according to the docs, she currently attends a Chicago middle school — meaning she was .. at MOST … in 8th grade when she conceived the child, but could have been in 6th grade.”

The story gets more interesting though.  In Illinois, it a misdemeanor for persons under the age of 17 to engage in sex; consensual or not!  Although that is not the issue at hand, I thought that you, the reader, should know that fact.

The amount of money the young lady wants has not been reported, but she does however want Keef’s support in medical expenses,  health insurance, and child support.

Chief Keef is making good music but bad press.  I hope that all his legal trouble is worked out, so that he can be more recognized for his talent than his life choices.



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