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Earlier today we witnessed President Obama be inaugurated for his 2nd term in office…and the First family was fashionably fabulous…as always…and both Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce gave spectacular performances

Former A-T-L Housewife Sheree Whitfield…owes Uncle Sam over $40k in back taxes

Lupe Fiasco chose to do an anti war song last night at the Hamilton..and essentially bashed President Obama…he was promptly removed…not sure Lupe even accepted the offer to perform since he has made his political feelings well known…and it was inauguration weekend…but I guess a check is a check!

Poor Ciara is turning into the starter fiancé…first Amare Stoudemire dated her for 5 minutes than ran  and put a ring on his baby mama’s finger…than recently she’s been spotted with Future…and now his baby mama Brittani is rocking a really cute diamond on her left finger

I’m not quite sure why Kanye’s ex from 2006 is chinimg in on his relationship now…but anywho…she claims Yeezy is very insecure…and the real reason he’s with Kim and now expecting…is cuz he’s taking cues from big brother Jay-Z…although her time with Kanye wasn’t all bad…she said it was like a 2 yea trip to Disneyland…but she just could not be ok with being one of many women…even though Yeezy was honest about not keeping it in his pants…although from what I’m hearing…she wasn’t the spokesperson for fidelity either…but anywho

Chief Keef is having a rough month…he got sent back to jail for violating his probation…now his baby mama is suing him for child support…here’s where things go to the left…see she is currently a student at a Chicago middle school…in all fairness he was 15 at the time…but if the state decides to go after him….he’s looking at a year in the bing….plus he’ll have to register as a sex offender

Speaking of baby mama drama…Beyonce’s dad Matthew is being accused of sending a threatening email to his new baby mama Alexsandra back in 2011…and now she’s taking him back to court for more child support…for additional security for her and their son…and for private school…guess the $12k she gets a month…just ain’t cutting it…and since the kid is 2…I can see how urgent the private school issue is…womp, womp

I’m @dejaperez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”

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