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Residents in South Newton County, Ga., are disturbed by the fact that Ku Klux Klan fliers were distributed throughout their neighborhoods and have summoned the sheriff’s office to investigate the activity, the Newton Citizen reports.


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According to public information officer Deputy Courtney Morrison, someone called the sheriff’s office Monday morning to report they had stumbled upon a flier at the end of their driveway.  The notice was an invitation to join the White supremacist group, the KKK. The notice had been wrapped in plastic and secured with a rock in order to weigh it down. On the flier was a caricature of a robed Klansman standing in front of a tree with writing that read, “Join the KKK — Loyal White Knights. Call us today at 336-432-****, http://www.kkkknights.com.”

The Sheriff’s office states that, as far as they know, there are no KKK chapters within the county of Newton. Law enforcement officers are keeping an eye on the content of the fliers to ensure that there are no threats of any kind. The KKK messages also tend to vary and, thus far, the sheriff’s office have seen three different versions but all relaying the same sentiment: a membership drive with a White power message.

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Other versions of the distributed KKK material came in several versions: “Help Save Our Race” and depicts a Klansman in front of a Confederate flag; one depicts a Klansman on a horse holding a torch; another has a Klansman again on a horse, holding up a cross that reads, “White Pride = White Power.” All of the KKK propaganda contains the same contact information.


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Morrison contends, that although many of the county’s citizens have been very vocal about how disruptive and disturbing the fliers have been to the community as a whole, distribution of the materials is not illegal. He also told the Newton Citizen, “As far as we know, no threats have been made toward citizens, but in the instance that a citizen has been threatened or feels threatened in any way, they should notify 911.”

Georgia Police Investigating KKK Fliers Dropped On Residents’ Lawns  was originally published on newsone.com