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Now the President Obama has been sworn in, it is time for him to start building his cabinet.  His first member, Senator John Kerry.

With a vote of 94-3 the Democrat Senator of Massachusetts John Kerry was confirmed Secretary Of State.  You may remember John Kerry from the 2004 Presidential election.  John Kerry takes on the position after Hillary Clinton, who President Obama referred to as, “one of the finest secretary of states we’ve had”.  Kerry will take his seat in the cabinet once Clinton leaves in the beginning of February.

Senator John Kerry has always been a backer of President Obama, and has been praised by his colleagues in the chamber, as the right person for the job.  After showing love to those who voted for him, he is reported saying “I am honored beyond words, and I mean that…what a privilege”.

Congratulations to Senator John Kerry who is now the new Secretary of State.  Although he has big shoes to fill, with his political background, he is said to do well.  Time will only prove those statements.



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