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Uncle Ruckus gets a movie!?

‘The Boondocks’ is one of the best animated series that was shown on Cartoon Networks, Adult Swim.  For three seasons, we as an audience, got to laugh hysterically and anticipate new episodes every Sunday.  The show was created and written by Aaron McGruder.  Although it is unsure whether we will see Huey, Riley, and Granddad for a fourth season, we will definitely be seeing Uncle Ruckus soon.

McGruder announced that he is going to release a live action movie, based on Uncle Ruckus.  If you were hiding under a rock and ignoring  “The Boondocks”, Uncle Ruckus is the self loathing character on the cartoon series, who hates being Black, even though he’s Black himself. He is known best for having re vitiligo, which explains why he’s Black instead of White (lol).

Although Sony backs “The Boondocks”, McGruder has decided to use Kickstarter as his backer for this particular project.  McGruder is hoping to raise enough money through them, so that he can start working on the movie.  Here is what he told Kickstarter :

If you do know who Uncle Ruckus is, you either really love him or really hate him. But if you’ve made it this far, you probably love him like we do. This is your movie.

To that end, we are raising funds for an R-rated theatrical comedy featuring Uncle Ruckus, to be produced this year. The movie will be written and directed by AARON MCGRUDER, and stars GARY ANTHONY WILLIAMS – who does the voice of Uncle Ruckus on the animated series. The story, which is currently being written,  will not involve any of the other regular BOONDOCKS characters, but rather explore a part of the Ruckus family not seen in the show.”

An interesting concept Aaron McGruder has going here.  An Uncle Ruckus would be quite hilarious.  A trailer has been released, and you can check that out at the bottom of the post.  Although McGruder is working on a Uncle Ruckus project right now, I hope he’s not opposed to a fourth season of “The Boondocks”.  I miss seeing the Freemans’ on Sunday night TV.

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