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Alicia Keys is having a big year…she just signed on to do the half-time show for All Star weekend

So Uncle Luke…decided to reach out to Ricky Rosay…and offer some OG advice…he said it’s time for him to squash the beef with the GD’s…cuz if the beef keeps going…clubs and venues won’t want him…the checks will stop coming in…and the record label will turn their back on him…he takes a few jabs…about this is what happens when college dudes try to pretend to be bout that thug life…than he ends it…reminding Rosay…he doesn’t want to go out like BIG and Pac

Not sure what is going on with stars trying to get their ugly photos removed from the net…remember Kanye did his Sandy tribute concert in his A$AP Rocky skirt…well fresh off of an interview that Lord Jamar form back in the day did…claiming that Yeezy began the whole feminization movement in hip hop…well Kanye is trying to get those photos removed from all site

On to Beyonce…you know everyone has had an opinion about her performance…and naturally a lot of sights posted the most unattractive photos of her making the craziest faces…and her publicist reached out to a few sights earlier today asking to have those un-pretty pics removed…crickets…I know…

And now PETA is trying to hop on the anti-Bey campaign…cuz apparently her outfit was made from Iguana and python skin.

Chris Breezy and Rihanna were caught coming out of a late night studio session…guess they’re moving full steam ahead on Umbrella 2013

And don’t believe the hype…Chris did not rejoin the Instagram world to grip about how hard it is being Breezy…it was a fake account

Speaking of the new couple…she was by her man’s side earlier today in court…the judge has given him 48 hours to report to his probation…this stemming from allegations that he fudged his community service hours… they will be back in court April 5

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