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M-O-B-B ! ! !

Mobb Deep have cooked the beef and ate it!  The two finally talked out their problems, and will be gearing up for a tour this coming April.  Havoc and Prodigy, who make up Mobb Deep, were in a negative place before reconciling with each other.  Social network, Twitter, was part of the reason why the two weren’t on good terms with each other.

Although the relationship was somewhat torn, it was the tweets of Havoc, claiming that his group member Prodigy had “relations” while serving time in jail, that fueled the downward spiral.  Now, some may feel that Twitter “beef” is a joke, but with allegations like such, I can see why the two were coming for each other.

Being the grown men that they are, they decided to talk it out, and put the drama to the side.  The duo is now back at it, and are already getting ready to work.  Mobb Deep is said to have shows lined up, with one of them being in L.A. at The Paid Dues Festival, next month.  TMZ  reports that, there will be a world tour to celebrate Mobb Deep’s 20 years, and the L.A. performance is an unofficial kickoff to that tour.

World tour or not, I am glad that the two have worked out their differences.  Hopefully the two will continue to make great music, and remain a beef free duo.



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