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Tonight, President Obama will enter the chambers, and address Congress with his State Of The Union Address.  This speech will be the blueprint of Obama’s expectations and plans, for his second term as Head Of State.  Obama takes the podium for the fourth time tonight to deliver his State Of The Union address.

Obama is set to speak on job creation, and giving the workers skills that they need.  He will also discuss energy, and manufacturing, and how those resources can be used and revamped.  Because many are still out of work, and struggling financially, President Obama will make proposals in his speech, that will help the nation to advance in those issues.  Another big topic that will have discussion, is that of gun violence, and what we can do as a nation to decrease the act.

President Obama will also speak on bipartisan progress.  In the past, it has been a struggle to get the two parties to put their differences aside, and work as one.  Lately, there has been bipartisan progress on immigration reform, so the next step is to tackle the economy.

The State Of The Union address will be on all local stations, and big cable networks.  The airing of the address will begin at 9 o’clock Easter Time.  While you are watching, mention me on Twitter (@REDalert__), and tell me your thoughts.



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