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One minute you think Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is trying to do everything he can to win back the heart of Evelyn Lozada, and next minute he is putting her on front street! Case and Point: Last night on Twitter when he was going back and forth (well really just goin’ because she has yet to say anything back) with Evelyn’s Publicist, but actually fired shots at Evelyn by calling her types of “freaks in the street”.

Check out Ochocinco’s rant, after the jump!

This morning, Chad Johnson still doesn’t have a response from Evelyn’s PR. However, Evelyn did send a subliminal on Twitter.

Oh, so I guess Chad is claiming that one of the bosses (who gave Evelyn her book deal) is pipin’ her down. Hmmmm…never even thought about that!


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