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Gucci Gucci…SMH

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, waved his white flag, as he turned himself into the Fulton County jail today.  Gucci Mane, born Radric Davis, is being charged with aggravated assault, for an incident that happened last week, in his hometown Atlanta.

A fan of Gucci Mane, wanted to take a picture with the rapper after his performance at the Harlem Nights nightclub.  Following “fan procedure”, the fan asked Gucci’s VIP security if he could take the picture.  It was then that Gucci decided to crack the man’s head with a champagne bottle.  To make matters worse, the man that Gucci hit, was a soldier who fought for the rights of Americans, including the rights of Gucci Mane! The soldier, first name James, received medical attention for his head injury.  Claiming to have needed 10 stitches to close the wound.

Not only is this incident hurting Gucci Mane, but so is another incident that happened in Philadelphia.  There, a man is claiming that after Gucci Mane’s performance, he was socked in the jaw for trying to shake the rappers hand.  Charges haven’t been pressed for this altercation.  And to make matters worse, Gucci is having problems with ex Brick Squad member, Waka Flocka! (Lawd Hammercy!)

Gucci Mane has a lot to deal with right now.  With the violent fan incidents, I’m starting to think that Gucci Mane doesn’t care too much for his fans, which blows being that I am a Gucci fan myself.  Gucci Mane better tighten up before he finds himself locked up!



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