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The tax deadline is approaching on the 15th and we’re here to help you get your money and most importantly, avoid jail.

First off, you can turn your tax files in electronically on the IRS website. If you plan on mailing them in instead, find out if a post office near you will be open late on the 15th by going to USPS website. If you are mailing them in, you’re envelope must be postmarked by April 15th so the IRS can consider them on time.

If you are filing a paper return, here are some reminders so you have your form filled out correctly:

Incorrect Social Security numbers.

Misspelled or not putting down full names. Make sure you put the names off all individuals on your tax return exactly as they are on the Social Security cards.

Math mistakes along with trying to figure out credits and deductions. Take your time and reread instructions along with double checking the math.

Make sure your bank account and routing numbers are entered correctly.

Make sure your forms are signed and dated correctly. If not, it’s invalid.

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