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Alicia Keys wants to have more education on HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.  Already being the co-founder of Keep A Child Alive, which provides food and AIDS treatment to children and families with the virus, she wanted more global conversation.

While in DC, Alicia Keys met with a group of women who are involved with the United Medical Center HIV Program.  During the meeting, the women spoke on the fear of the illness, and what to do to get more information out.  A campaign to reach out through different series of events with the community.

The HIV campaign is one that is not new to Keys.  She has traveled to Africa and India to meet the women of those countries who are diagnosed with HIV.  Keys feels a special connection to those women because she felt as if those women could be women in her family.  Now that she has been to those countries over the years, she wants to fill in the bank between domestic and international.

Working with “Empowered”, a campaign with Kaiser Family Foundation, that educates women on HIV, the program will provide grants to the community.  The Empowered Community Grants, will provide up to $25,000 worth of funds.  Alicia Keys will be in charge of this program.

Alicia Keys will be apart of this campaign, which is going to run for five years.  Each year there will be a report on what women have experienced by having HIV and AIDS, and will also look at the cultural changes with misconceptions of the disease.



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