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If you’re looking for much of K. Michelle on this upcoming season of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, you will be sadly disappointed. As previous reported, the singer left mid-filming.

In a previous interviews, she told “I don’t want to do no more reality television. I’ve been talking to Mona about producing my own show. I really wanna do that… I think this probably will be my last season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’… Especially when God is taking you to a positive place. It’s really hard to be happy ‘Thank you, Jesus for these blessings,’ and then on Monday be like ‘F*** you b****.’ It’s real difficult to do that. You know what I’m saying?”

When she performed at The Howard Theatre in DC in February, she said it.

“I’m announcing that, I won’t be on ‘Love & Hip Hop’…I just feel like when God is brining you to the positive, it’s very hard to say ‘Thank you Jesus and f**k you b****es’.”

According to the site, as she performed last night she revealed some more news about her and television.

During a recent performance, she reportedly told fans:

God is just bringing me to a whole different place. My mouth is still bad. I drink and act a fool. But, I just don’t think that [Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta] is where I need to be. I do have my own show coming on VH1. You guys are gonna like that one a lot. You really are.”

No more details about K. Michelle’s show has been announced yet. Would you watch? I just hopes no one starts “shaking the table”.

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