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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Why bother reading your own forecast? It is not as if this is going to be your week, is it? I mean, come on, let’s be honest. We all know who you are going to spend your time running around for. It is obvious who will be demanding your attention and energy. So why not just read their prediction, and then prepare yourself to be of service? Or then again, you could make a decision. No matter what you want to change about someone – or some situation – change something in yourself and draw some clearer lines of distinction.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: You have a little emotional damage to repair. The trick with any exercise like this is not to make matters worse, by mistake, in your effort to make them better. That requires a steady hand, a calm frame of mind and some information. Ideally, you need experience. Failing that, you need to be familiar with the theory. Only if you can see exactly what’s wrong (and why) do you stand a good chance of making everything right. But you are now in a good position to find out the full story before you act. Then all will be fine.


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