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According to Jonathan Cainer:

The legendary Zeus once disguised himself as a swan to seduce Leda, the Queen of Sparta. This, so the fables tell us, is how Helen of Troy was conceived. Presumably, Leda liked the look of Zeus in that graceful, elegant, form. But then there is a lot to be said for holding your head high and maintaining a dignified silence. Indeed, it is often the case that the less we say, the more people imagine that, if we were to speak, we’d be in perfect sympathy with them! This week, you can glide quietly towards all you need!

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Keep your head below the parapet now. You don’t want to make yourself a target. Think of how people in the public eye come in for so much criticism. As soon as anyone, in this world, ever tries to take a little responsibility for anything, someone, somewhere feels entitled to have a go at them. To hold an opinion is to invite an argument. To make a statement is to invite a counter-statement. Don’t enter into any battles this week unless, a. they are worth fighting, and b. you are sure there is no other way.


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