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According to Jonathan Cainer:

You know how sometimes we will cross the road rather than have to catch the eye of someone we don’t like talking to? What if, in making that detour, we end up being on the wrong side of the street? Thus, we miss someone else who we would very much like to meet. Spontaneous changes inspired by a sense of fun often lead to excellent results. When, though, our actions are fed by fear, they rarely lead to anything but a sense of anxiety or resentment. Don’t run from anything or anyone this week, just walk tall.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Some things, seemingly, never end. Perhaps that’s better than never starting. Or, then again… well, anyway, all you can be clear about now is that, somewhere in your world, a question remains unanswered. You yearn to draw a line, finish a chapter, close a casebook or just shake hands in final agreement over a matter that has been the cause of much contention. This may prove possible eventually, but for the time being at least, you will have to live with a degree of uncertainty. Remember, no news may well be good news.


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