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According to Jonathan Cainer:

‘There’s no business like show business…’ So goes the song. And more of us are in showbiz than we realise. One way or another, we are all keeping up a pretence. We all have a bit of a front that we put on in the hope that this will give a particular impression to the rest of the watching world. There’s no harm in this, nor need it be a problem when our true personalities turn out to be very different from the images we prefer to project. But it is a factor that you would be wise to make an allowance for this week.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Something is nagging at you. Note please, I said something, not someone. Someone may be nagging at you too. That, though, is not the issue. If you were not susceptible to a concern, nobody would be able to upset you by mentioning it. The difficult issue becomes more difficult soon, but then it starts to get easier. Hasten this process of improvement by taking your fears less seriously, and less personally, today. Nobody else has a right to put emotional pressure on you. You have to need to put it on yourself.


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