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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Here’s your chance to do a deal, strike a bargain, rewrite a contract or change an arrangement. Got some troubled waters? Here’s the oil you need to pour on them. Feeling fearful? Here’s the reassurance you require. Draw a deep breath. Take another. They are free. Now, want some good news? Something else that seems terribly expensive is about to prove more attainable than you expected it to be. Wherever there’s conflict, there can soon be peace. Just don’t assume that you’re powerless. This week, you’re powerful!

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Every single day, the Earth turns right round on its axis. Once a year, this spinning ball travels around the Sun. Even the Sun itself is slowly orbiting some object in far-distant space. No wonder you feel your life is going round in circles. What’s happening in your life now, has happened before. In some respect, your current saga is very similar to a previous one. In other ways, it is very different. Certainly, your ability to change the final outcome of an emotional situation is much greater than it has ever been before.


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