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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Allow yourself to have a wonderful time this week. Even if you feel can see nothing but trouble on every front; even if you feel afraid, intimidated, restricted or confused, at least give yourself permission to enjoy whatever’s good in your situation. Make a point (and a priority) of celebrating all that’s hopeful and sweet. This is not ‘acting like an ostrich’ or ‘indulging in an escapist fantasy’; it’s establishing a positive perspective and thus reaching a position from which you can make some valuable, wise decisions.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: You keep getting moments of clarity – short sudden glimpses of something exciting and inspiring. Then, just when you think you have started to focus your vision, you see the fence again. All you are aware of is a barrier, an obstacle or a problem. Hence you swing from one mood to another. This is emotional confusion. You can’t decide whether things are wonderful or terrible. One thing is for sure, though. What you’re going through is momentous and significant. Stick with it. Soon, you’ll get a much better view.


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