C’mon son!!  Did we not learn from the previous incident!? SMH

Well, it looks like Chicago rapper Chief Keef has more legal trouble.  The 17 year old “Don’t Like” rapper, was arrested in Georgia yesterday.  The reason…Chief Keef was not on his best behavior and was taken in for disorderly conduct.  It is unclear what exactly Keef was doing, but the DeKalb County Police felt it was bad enough for him to go to jail.

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Even though Keef was jailed, he was released on the same day.  Upon release, he took to Twitter to say, “Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As f**k.”.  This is not a good look for Chief Keef, as he already has legal trouble with the mother of his child.  She is suing him for child support, and other fees for the baby.

Recently, Chief Keef was inducted into Gucci Mane’s Bricksquad.  I for one was hoping that Gucci would help to keep Keef on the straight and narrow, or at least the straight!




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