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Scrappy was on that good Kush a little too much.

Last month, Lil Scrappy turned himself in after there was a warrant out for his arrest.  The reason for the warrant, Scrappy submitted a urine sample, but court officials felt that the sample was tampered with.  When asked to take another, he refused.  Because Scrappy refused to take a court ordered urine test, which landed him back in court today.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star appeared in a Georgia Courtroom, where he was given another urine test.  I bet Scrappy was wishing he could tamper this test once the results tested positive for maijuana.  After testing positive for marijuana, Scrappy then told the judge that he was addicted to weed.

Now, I’ve never heard anyone being addicted to weed, but hey, if it keeps you out of jail Scrappy, then you are.  Scrappy’s addiction kept him out of jail, but not rehab.  His lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, says that Scrappy will enter a rehab center for his addiction before June 16th.

To make things worse, his wages are being garnished for debt, and he and on and off girlfriend are going through some things.  He took to twitter to vent about her, tweeting : “Sorry to say the women n my life didnt put me on I put them on so how can they b richer than me , think people lol dnt listen to angry folks”; “I’m so regretful of even tryin to get married n puttin that girl onna show who tries to ruin their baby daddy life n he help build urs.”

Sheesh Scrap!



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