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When will she get  to rest in peace? It’s will be 13 years that Aaliyah has departed this earth. Yet. her music still lives on. Unfortunately, there are two law suits over the beautiful vocals of Aaliyah.

First law suit is Reservoir Media Management suing Craze Productions for “illegally selling tracks” from Aaliyah self titled album. The second law suit is producer Jeffery Walker II, alleging Blackground Records for not paying  him his royalties for working on Aaliyah’s music before her death in 2001.

It is evident she is missed in the industry due to her beautiful soul and vocals. The battle over illegal selling of tracks and music copyrights is still pending. Craze Productions and  Blackground Records are not the only one’s using the vocals of Aaliyah. We’ve heard her vocals in songs by Drake, A$AP Rocky, and now Chris Brown is being added to that list.

Chris Brown has been working on a song entitled “They Don’t Know”, which is featuring the late Aaliyah.   This song will be featured on his upcoming album “X”,  along with “Fine China” which is doing excellent on the charts.  The album “X” drops July 16th!

It is a hot buzz that Chris is doing a song with Aaliyah, yet there is another buzz Chris Brown may be doing it to get back at Drake. Is this retaliation or is it just Chris being creative?


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